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High standard Legal and Contract Translation Solutions For Your International Business Success

High standard Legal and Contract Translation Solutions

We connect your legal business connects with a global audience in their native language, legal norms and traditions with accuracy and efficiency for more sales worldwide by blending technical knowledge and legal expertise.

Legal Document Translation Solutions for Law Firms and Companies

As a highly skilled and sensitive field that requires a specialized approach to localization and translation with no room to the slightest error, ANA Lokalize handles the toptier level of scrutiny to ensure your translated legal documents or contracts remain true, consistent and accurate to meaning of the original. At ANA Lokalize, our specialists understand the stakes of legal and contract translation so they are committed to sparing you any costly mistake by leveraging their expert understanding of legal terminology and concepts to translate your documents precisely and accurately. When stakes are high, leading brands rely on ANA Lokalize certified legal translation solutions across the globe.

Legal Document Translation Solutions for Law Firms and Companies

Our legal and contract translation solutions are of high-quality and faithfully preserve the integrity of your agreements or legal documents to reflect your original content in absolute compliance with the strict legal standards. Our multilingual subject-matter specialists possess a solid grasp of legal practices and contractual regulations. Our industry experts also have exceptional linguistic and writing skills empowering your law firm or brand to effectively connect with new customers in any local market worldwide. We cater for cost-effective legal and contract translation solutions that bear the hallmark of professional expertise and satisfaction.

Affidavit translations

Construction contracts

Criminal case files

Development agreements

Franchise agreements

International employment agreements

Legal procedures

Non-disclosure agreements

Investment agreements

Business contracts

Court proceedings

Due diligence documents

Employment contracts

International sales contracts

Joint venture agreements

Litigation documents translation

Supply agreements

Accurate Legal and Contract Translation Solutions

Today’s business landscape is global. Companies of all sizes are eying international expansion. This goes on to show the significance and demand for legal and contract translation services to keep up with overseas legal regulations.

ANA Lokalize is here to ensure your legal content that catchesthe attention it deserves on the worldwide market. Our contract and legal translation solutions are designed having the needs of our clients’ needs and the niche expectations and standards. Is your business or corporation in the heart and the heat of legal proceedings or contract negotiations that require translation solutions? Look no further, ANA Lokalize provides specialist legal and contract translation solutions that meet world class standards. Our language experts cater for error-free and toptier solutions that exceed expectation at all the times regards of your project volume. Understanding the critical implications of rendering certified legal translation services by a leading legal translation company, they have what it takes to handle your confidential legal documents efficiently and securely.

Niche-Specific Legal Translation Solutions In 3000 + Languages

At ANA Lokalize, our global network of legal translation specialists fully apprehends the truism that legal translation can never be a one-size-fit-all solution since eachniche hasits unique terminology, regulations, and requirements. We cater for specialized legal translation solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of these industries, ensuring linguistic precision and legal compliance.  ANA Lokalize provides legal translation solutions to the niches below:


Medical & Pharmaceutical


Construction & Building

Food & Beverages

Energy & Environment

Banking & Finance


Leveraging our extensive network of legal translation specialists, ANA Lokalize provides flawless legal translation solutions in 3000+ languages, covering all major African, European, Asian, Latin American, Austronesian and Micronesian languages. Our expertise ensures precision, cultural and in-market relevance in each legal translation and addressing the various needs of our clients for a success global outreach and more sales worldwide.

Arabic (AR)

Azerbaijani (AZ)

Maltese (MT)

Hausa (HA)

Azerbaijani (AZ)




Hawaiian (HW)

Basque (EU)

Carolinian (CAL)

Basque (EU)

Maori (MI)

Hebrew (IW)

Belarusian (BE)

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)

Belarusian (BE)

Marathi (MR)

Hindi (HI)

Bengali (BN)

Czech (CS)

Bengali (BN)

Moldavian (MO)

Hungarian (HU)

Bhutanese (BT)

Danish (DA)

Bhutanese (BT)

Mongolian (MN)

Icelandic (IS)

Bihari (BH)

Dutch (NL)

Bihari (BH)

Montenegrin (ME)

Igbo (IG)

Bosnian (BS)

English (EN)

Bosnian (BS)

Nepali (NE)

Indonesian (ID)

Breton (BR)

English, UK (UE)

Breton (BR)

Norwegian Nynorsk (NN)

Interlingua (IA)

Bulgarian (BG)

Finnish (FI)

Bulgarian (BG)

Pashto (PS)

Irish (GA)

Burmese (MY)

French (FR)

Burmese (MY)

Persian (FA)

Javanese (JW)

Catalan (CA)

German (DE)

Catalan (CA)

Persian, Dari (DR)

Kannada (KN)

Chinese, Hong Kong (ZH)

Italian (IT)

Chinese, Hong Kong (ZH)

Portuguese (PT)

Kashmiri (KS)

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)

Japanese (JA)

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)

Punjabi (PA)

Kazakh (KK)

Croatian (HR)

Korean (KO)

Croatian (HR)

Romanian (RO)

Khmer (KM)

English, Australian (AE)

Norwegian (NO)

English, Australian (AE)

Rwandan (RW)

Kirundi (RN)

English, Canadian (CE)


English, Canadian (CE)

Scots Gaelic (GD)

Kurdish (KU)

Estonian (ET)


Estonian (ET)

Serbian (SR)

Laothian (LO)



Faroese (FO)

Sesotho (ST)

Latin (LA)

Bassa CMR

French, Canadian (CF)

Filipino (TL)

Shona (SN)



Frisian (FY)


Ukrainian (UK)





Urdu (UR)



Work with ANA Lokalize on Your Next Legal and Contract Translation Project

Partnering withANA Lokalize LLC for legal and contract translationsolutions means teaming up with subject-matter specialists who devote and dedicate the best of their abilities and skills to effectively connecting brands and professionals with new markets. Leveraging our customized, local knowledge-filled solutions and advanced technology, our talented linguists ensure best-of-breed legal and contract translation solutions that accurately reflect your brand and resonate with your target audience. Let us help you grow your global reach and get a firm foothold in new marketplaces.