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To keep pace with the global boom in the app and software industry, businesses are in dire need for savvy and world-class app & software localization solutions that re-engineer and adapt their design features to suit cultural nuances and technical requirements to ensure your app and software resonate globally with more user engagement and the highest level of linguistic accuracy and cultural appropriateness. At ANA Lokalize, we cater for comprehensive app & software localization as we keenly understand the technicality of applications and ensure cultural sensitivity and linguistic precision for your software to feel native and local in any market and in any language. Our solution fosters enhanced user engagement and intuitive experience for more success in the international markets. Reach out today and we will take your IT products to new markets. Grow your software and app reach with our localization solutions today.

What is App & Software Localization?

App & Software localization consists in translating and adapting an IT product solution to suit linguistic norms, cultural appropriateness and legal requirements of a specific market. This entails reshaping text-content, layouts, graphics, device preferences, formats, features to ensure users from diverse cultural backgrounds use your software and applications seamlessly. App & Software localization connects your products and solutions to millions of potential new consumers or users as it considers color use and language idiomaticity in different cultures. We drive your growth and global expansion in today’s fast-paced world and enable your business to keep pace with fast-evolving technology.

We check language to make sure all translated text works correctly.

Why do you need App & Software Localization?

In today’s global markets, software & app localization solutions have increasingly gained ground and importance. The global digit world enables businesses and professionals to connect with customers and institutions worldwide. For this purpose, brands have to adapt their products and solutions to meet the linguistic and socio-political requirements. This empowers leading brands and enables them to avoid cultural imbroglios and to respect customs, traditions and legal regulations of specific markets, building trust and long-term growth globally.
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Customized Glossary Creation

Creating customized glossaries isa prerequisite in our localization solutions. By cataloging identical and related text lines, we establish a specialized reference for your industry, saving time and cost in future translations.

Linguistic Precision & Cultural Sensitivity

We blend automation and human expertise, and punctilious localize glossary items.Multiple reviews assure cultural suitability, technical accuracy, and user-friendly for more engagement.

Polished UI Adaptation

Our subject-matter experts seamlessly adapt technical string content of the UI with dexterity as we have a wealth of expertise in localization, interface design and software comprehension. They flawlessly execute iterative round for enhanced user engagement and user-friendly experience.

Stringent QA Testing

Unlike other software localizationagencies, we cater forQA and UI testing. Leveraging automation and niche-expertise,we systematically assess all app & software parameters to ensure comprehensive localization of user interface and keen understanding of your products.

Efficient & Cost-effective

At ANA Lokalize, our turnaround time is outstanding and we infuse cultural sensitivity in each app & software localization project for cultural appropriateness that meets and exceeds the expectation of your target audience at cost-effective rates. Book our software localization solutions today and guarantee global expansion and success to your computer products

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