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As a leading-edge and trusted translation partner for major brands for 12 years, we infuse local culture and meaning in each word for more engaging and accurate content in multiple languages for businesses and individuals across industries worldwide. Our subject-matter expert linguists grow your brand loyalty in any local market. Trust us for legal or creative translations that always exceed expectations.

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About ANA Lokalize

Driven by a passion for languages and their power to break communication barriers between cultures and unleash the full potential of businesses, ANA Lokalize LLC came to light through the collaboration of a global network of certified linguists. We serve hundreds of industries, organizations, news outlets, governments, governmental agencies and independent entrepreneurs in the USAEuropeAsia and Africa. Today, our agency leads the translation and localization industry in the USA and the CEMAC area. We do what we love most, which is to bring people together and to connect cultures for effective communication at cost-effective rates.

As a world-class reliable translation and interpreting partners for leading brands, ANA Lokalize LLC is a stepping stone into new local marketplaces. Order translation solutions now, and be confident and get a firm foothold in any local market.

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We Focus On Many Industries

NA Lokalize is known for catering niche-specific translation solutions to the needs of leading brands, small businesses, individuals and professionals across the globe


Global language expertise for effective communication.


Linguistic precision for successful global commerce.


We can help you address multilingual content challenges across all legal practices so you can keep pace with a rapidly expanding translation workload, whether you are managing online data platform, mergers and acquisitions fillings, IP documents, contracts and agreements, advertising materials and more.


Catering for top-rated medical translation requires outstanding linguistic experience and specialist heath know-how to effectively localize content. We provide turnkey medical translation solutions with the highest level of consistency and accuracy blacked by industry expertise, efficiency and state-of-the art technology.


We ensure highly accurate and flawless document translation that connects your customers to your products and solution in their native languages, guaranteeing brand loyalty and client-friendly communication to grow your audience. We translate and localize all document types whether official or technical.


Expert translation for polished global communication.

Industries We Cover

Legal & Contract


Medical & Pharmaceutical


Web &Software Localization


Game Localization


Construction & Building


Timber & Forestry


Advertising & Marketing


Travel & Tourism






Mechanical Engineering


Banking & Finance




IP & Patent


Business Administration


Beauty & Cosmetics




Energy & Environment


Politics & Governance


Food & Beverages


Life Sciences




Electronics & Appliance




A snapshot of some common languages that ANA Lokalize caters for.

We can translate and adapt all content types in many languages, including those spoken in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. We are natively proficient in over 4000 languages. We connect cultures and craft clarity in any language, speak with our experts now.

Canadian French
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Why Businesses Trust Us?

With our corporate translation solution packages, we help businesses, governments and professionals excel in the global marketplace starting from planning to execution through our industry, technology, and services expertise. Servicing the USA, the UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, Poland, Albania, Malaysia, India, The UAE, China, Egypt and The CEMAC with first-class language solutions gives us the exclusive privilege to be closer to each local market. Accordingly, we help our clients and partners connect with their audiences and provide the best customer experience in any language with business translation and interpreting solutions that ensure global expansion and long-term success.


24/6 Customer Service

We cater for top-tier translation and interpreting solutions worldwide, addressing your needs from Sunday to Friday, in any language. Our expert linguists take pride in delivering high-quality solutions. Even on Saturdays, we address all queries within five hours.


Quality Guaranty

As a provider of world-class localization and interpreting solutions, ANA Lokalize and its global experts are dedicated to crafting quality, industry-specific content to make your brand relevant and appealing in any local market. We blend local culture with cutting-edge technology to deliver flawless language solutions.


Fast Delivery

Seeking quick, niche-specific translations? Look no further, ANA Lokalize is your one-stop solution for precise and timely translations. Whether you're a government agency, news outlet, NGO, broker, or aviation company, we've got you covered with expert, time-conscious language solutions tailored to your corporate needs.


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Across industries, languages, and local markets, our expertise truly shines, enabling us to provide customized solutions that cater to the unique demands of each client and setting us apart as the go-to choice for comprehensive, specialized solutions.


Need a Certified Translator?

ANA Lokalize ensures its linguists are seasoned and trained members of leading translators’ associations worldwide to deliver you nothing less than first-class language solutions that make your brand stand out. Our linguists are:

Our Global Activity

Our global network of wordsmiths is continuously offering on-demand translation and localization solutions to over 20 countries. Below is showcased our project record


Projects We have done


Clients We Have Served






What Our Customers Say

Our customers are very satisfied with our products and solutions, and have given us glowing feedback. They appreciate our fast and efficient deliveries. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations and are inspired by their kind words. Thank you for your support and trust. We look forward to collaborating you again.

"ANA Lokalize delivers a seamless and reliable language translation service that exceeded my expectations. The user-friendly platform, swift turnaround, and impeccable attention to detail showcase their commitment to excellence. Highly recommended for anyone in need of accurate and efficient translation services! "
"Exceptional experience with ANA Lokalize's translation service! User-friendly platform, quick turnaround without compromising quality. The team's attention to detail and cultural nuances is commendable. Outstanding customer support makes them my go-to for seamless and reliable translations. Highly recommended!"
Project Manager
"Thrilled with ANA Lokalize's Business Translation Solution! It's a game-changer for my international dealings. Swift, accurate translations with cultural finesse. The user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support make it my go-to solution. Highly recommend for seamless and reliable business communication."
Marketing Head