ANA Lokalize


Legal & Patent Translation

Official & Public Document Translation

Official and public document translation is a specialized field that involves translating legal, government, and other official documents from one language to another. This type of translation requires a high level of accuracy, precision, and attention to detail, as the translated documents often have legal or regulatory implications.

Localize your app for any market.

Do you make apps for iOS and Android or for different clients in different fields? We specialize in languages and can help you reach people worldwide. We’ll translate your app into any language and make sure it works well. We’re experts in coding and languages and our team is skilled at translating and making sure your app works perfectly.

We check language to make sure all translated text works correctly.

Designing for App Localization

We make sure your original content can be used in different languages, and we write the code of your app in a way that makes it easy and cheap to create versions of your product in other languages.
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